Saturday, 20 October 2012

Severe pain

A few weeks ago, I can feel my health began to be unstable. Bloody nose caused by migraine. Last week I also had to rest at home due to severe migraine. I'm too tired to go and back again to the clinic or hospital. After all I also don't have transportation to commute to the clinic. MC granted by the doctor for me is too much for this month. Moreover, I am bored when alone at home. I'm better at the office, at least I have officemate to chit-chat with.

Today my nose was bleeding again. MSS busy with his ​​college convocation at the PICC. Not only a day but almost a week. It felt like being a neglected by own boifren. When he came back home , it's already at night. When he came back home, I'm ready to sleep. Everyday just call and BBM but it was not so long because both are already sleepy.

MSS too busy today, so I decided to go to bed early due to migraine but my eyes can't close. So, I type this entry just to express all that is in my heart now. Bored because there are no friends to talk to, no friends to laugh and no friends to eat together.

At least after typing this entry I feel a little relieved, because I already express what I feel.Now I want to try to sleep because my head was so sick.

Love, YanaSyila

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